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Reboot with Nikki van Dijk

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Reboot with Nikki Van Dijk, Australian Pro Surfer

Reboot with

Nikki Van Dijk

Australian Pro Surfer

Dive into a fusion of surf mastery, tranquil yoga, and holistic wellness, meticulously curated for an unparalleled retreat.

  • Personalized surf coaching by Nikki Van Dijk to elevate your wave riding prowess
  • Experience a week of rejuvenation at a boutique wellness retreat
  • Dive into a fusion of cutting-edge health practices and timeless holistic rituals to add vitality to your years
  • Diverse yoga sessions to harmonize your body and mind
  • Holistic wellness activities for a rejuvenated spirit
  • Luxurious accommodations nestled in Costa Rica’s tranquil scenery
  • Capture memories with professional photos and videos of your surf and yoga journey

Get $300 OFF if you book before Dec 20

May 18 - 25, 2024 | Surf Synergy | Costa Rica

Reservations Starting At $3,975

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Unlock Your Potential: Here's What Awaits

Embark on a transformative adventure with Nikki Van Dijk at Surf Synergy, where every wave you ride intertwines with tranquil yoga and holistic wellness, crafting a rejuvenating retreat beyond compare.

Experience the synergy of personalized surf coaching, diverse yoga practices, and wellness activities in a serene haven. Every aspect of this retreat is meticulously curated by pro surfer Nikki Van Dijk to enrich your practice and nurture your spirit.

It’s not just a retreat; it’s your pathway to harmonizing surf, soul, and serenity.

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Seize your chance to transform with the waves and become one with wellness under Nikki Van Dijk’s guidance from May 18 – 25, 2024 at Surf Synergy in Costa Rica. Your gateway to an unparalleled surf and yoga retreat awaits!
  • 3, 5-Star Meals Per Day (menu designed according to food restrictions)
  • 5 Surf Lessons with Video Analysis
  • Private Airport Transfers
  • Daily Morning Yoga
  • Massage Therapy
  • Ice Bath Therapy
  • Breathwork training
  • Professional photography & videography
  • Organic bath products
  • Coffee, Tea, and Filtered Water 24/7
  • Concierge Services
  • 1-on-1 Wellness Consultation
Our longevity experts will provide an in-depth lifestyle scan and assessment, tailoring a unique blueprint for your sustained vitality, which you’ll take home as your personalized roadmap post-retreat. This includes personal intake session, wellness plan, and an individual treatment. 
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