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We believe in a balanced and wholistic approach to health and wellness. In addition to our ice baths, breathwork, and surf training, we offer other modalities to support whole body health and the mind-body-spirit connection. CrossFit and yoga are two of those modalities. We are fortunate to have two incredibly experienced and deeply passionate instructors with many years of developing skills and knowledge in their fields. Yoga is included in each of our immersions and CrossFit can easily be added to any package that we offer. 



Cata draws upon the ancient teachings of Hatha Yoga and the more modern Anusara to bring her nearly twenty years of practice to her students.  She has developed her teaching style through her diligent practice and continued education which has naturally led her to incorporate daily meditation and advanced Reiki training.  She seeks to bring the same passion and healing to her students as yoga has provided for her. 

My name is Catalina, but everyone calls me Cata.  Costa Rican by birth and living in Jaco for 19 years, it was here that my path in Yoga began.   

After having my first child my body was just out of balance and everything ached. One day at the beach I met a woman who became my first Yoga teacher. From that moment on I have not veered from my practice. My life changed and I saw possibilities where I didn’t see them before…  Yoga gave me so much fulfillment that I decided to share it with everyone I could. 

I have had several Hatha Yoga and Anusara Yoga trainings and workshops in Bali, Thailand, India and Costa Rica and each time I am even more convinced that it is my passion. Holistic therapies like Reiki and meditation are my daily tools. 

My goal is that everyone who comes to my classes feels able to do the postures regardless of their experience. The fast lifestyle does not always leave us time to feel and that is where we connect with who we really are.  I am really convinced and from my own experience, that the practice of Yoga reveals a more powerful state of being of each one, everything improves!!! 

The mat is like a mirror in which we see our light and our shadow, the fire of constant practice burns and transforms what is useless. 

I hope to be a channel for each student to find the best of themselves. 


Misha uses the CrossFit philosophy of functional movement and high intensity during her sessions.  She combines gymnastics, weight training, and conditioning to develop the best mix for her clients. Every session is designed according to the clients training background, old or current injuries, and personal goals.  A key principle of her practice is for her clients to also enjoy the process while they are reconnecting with their bodies, pushing their boundaries, and discovering what they are capable of.  Misha not only is an amazing trainer, but she is also Surf Synergy’s Manager of Sales and Marketing! 

+ D.O.B: April 1st, 1989 
Place of birth: 🇨🇷 
Disciplines: Crossfit and Running 
Years Training: 11 
Years Competing: 8 
Years Teaching: 8 
Countries Competed : 🇨🇷, 🇦🇪, 🇬🇧, 🇰🇷, 🇪🇸, 🇵🇹, 🇰🇼 
Currently living: Jacó Beach, Costa Rica 
Languages: Spanish, English. 
Certifications: CFL 1 and 2 
– Crossfit Weightlifting Certificate 
– Crossfit Gymnastics Certificate 
– Crossfit Kids Certificate 
– Crossfit Endurance Certificate 
– Crossfit Aerobic Capacity Certificate 
Crossfit Online Certifications : 
– Spot the flaw 
– Crossfit programming course 
– Crossfit Scaling course 
– Lesson planning Course 
– Anatomy course 
Key Achievements: 
– Supported the creation of two of the first ladies only CrossFit facilities in Dubai; CrossFit Utmost and Metalize. NTC (Nike Training Club) and NRC (Nike Running Club) Trainer in Dubai. 
– IFIT trainer for Bike Spanish Series for beginners. 
– Gym manager District Fitness London UK. 
Degree: Engineering in Biotechnology Degree, Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. 


We are committed to providing a life enhancing experience! Each immersion includes all the offerings lIsted below!